The Elegant Self - Rob McNamara

The Elegant Self

By Rob McNamara

  • Release Date: 2016-01-13
  • Genre: Self Help


"Clear, lucid and powerful!" 
- Ken Wilber author of The Integral Vision

“Embrace paradox, not-knowing and the certainty of death with equanimity and a tender heart as an ongoing inquiry.” 
- Susanne Cook-Greuter, PhD author of Postautonomous Ego Development

Grow Beyond Conventional Adulthood and Distinctively Give Your Gifts.  

The Elegant Self offers a unique perspective on the future of you. Explore adulthood through a new lens as you tour the many dangers facing our world today. Gain rare clarity into some of the highest stages of mental development. Learn how the trap of completeness may be holding your influence in the world back in virtually every facet of life. Enjoy this rare invitation into the courage for you to become more of an elegant self. 

- Save thousands of dollars by understanding the origin of inadequacy. 

- Go beyond the limitations of the autonomous self most adults are stuck in.

- Free yourself from the trap of completeness. 

- Leverage paradox to fuel greater influence and impact in the world. 

- Discover never-before-seen ways to free yourself from limiting habits.

Rob McNamara is a professor of developmental psychology in Boulder, Colorado and is a highly respected authority on the higher reaches of adulthood. Rob is author of Strength To Awaken, a speaker, performance coach, psychotherapist, and expert in helping high-achieving adults make greater impact in their lives.